Aaron Faraday

Aaron Faraday
Player Character

Military Records

Affiliation: Titans
Rank: Lieutenant J.G.
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Tales from the Frontlines: The AEUG [Ep. 16]
Mobile Suit:
RMS-106 Hizack [Ep. 16 - 24]
RMS-145 X Series Barzam Type 2 [Ep. 25 - Current]
Salamis Kai-class Buxoro [Ep. 16 - 24]
Alexandria-class Kirov, Gamma Team [Ep. 25 - Current]
Battles fought:
Second Battle of Hatte (Star-crossed) [Ep. 17]
18th Bunch Incident [Ep. 18]
Gate of Zedan [Ep. 20]

Personal Information

DOB/Age: February 20th, UC 0066 / 21
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Family mentioned: None mentioned

OOC Information

Created: by The Loser Villain, 2/29/08
RPed by: The Loser Villain

Background Information

adapted from The Loser Villain's original signup bio:
After the events of Operation Stardust Aaron Faraday became disgusted with the actions taken by Spacenoids and enlisted with the EFSF in the hopes that he could help prevent further insurrections. After several years of being in the EFSF he was transferred to the Titans and assigned to Gryps 1. On the day Aaron arrived at Gryps 1 he had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the Gundam Mk. II Unit 3 crashed into the Headquarters building he was hospitalized with severe injures. He only recently has been cleared for flight duty and is anxious to finally see combat.

In the RPG

He was transfered to Task Force Echo and stationed aboard the Salamis Kai-class Buxoro. After surviving several battles and team CO Picard Kamek being transfered to the Kirov, he was promoted to Lt. J.G. and assigned the spot of XO of Buxoro team.

On February 2, UC 0088 Aaron was transfered to the Kirov and assigned to Gamma team.

Ens. Friedman @ 18th Bunch (Nemo)

Ens. Nielson @ 18th Bunch, assisting Jason Drossel and Nick Telitha (Nemo)