Aleksandr Ivanovich Stukov

Aleksandr Stukov
Player Character
===Military Records===Affiliation: Titans
Rank: Lieutenant
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Tales from the Frontlines: The AEUG [Ep.1]
Mobile Suit:
RMS-108 Marasai [Ep.1 - current]
Salamis Kai-class Kalinin [Ep.1 - Ep.4]
Alexandria-class Kirov, Alpha Team [Ep.4 - current]
Battles fought:
Lunar Ambush
Battle at Houston Colony
1st Orbital Battle
Battle of Hickory
Battle of Vandenberg
===Personal Information===DOB/Age: (UC 0064?) / 23
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: dark gray
Eyes: blue
Family mentioned: Father (Ivan)
===OOC Information===Created: by wing zero alpha, 3/6/06
RPed by: wing zero alpha, Cardi Doorl

Background Information

adapted from wing zero alpha's original signup bio:
As far as mobile suit pilots, even Titans go, Lieutenant Aleksandr Stukov could be considered a sick and twisted oddity among the average soldier. Coming from a noble Russian family, Stukov joined the Earth Federation just in time for Operation Stardust as a mobile suit pilot. However, much to the perplexity of his superiors, Stukov had a very professed fighting style that was hardly, if ever seen in rookie pilots. He seemed to have a way with mobile suits, using their various abilities with ease and effectiveness, mixed in with a kind of creativity, in spite of the fact Stukov was not a veteran from the War. This kind of skill managed to gain him one of the rare GM Custom mobile suits instead of the fairly standard GM Kai, as his instructors and superiors alike felt his performance was worthy of high end mobile suits.

But his skill wasn't without a certain detail: one could tell while fighting Stukov that he was very reckless and almost fanatical. That fact was especially made clear during Stardust. After the colony fell and the Zeon began to flee to the Axis fleet, Stukov gave chase with the intent of a predator tracking its prey. Any unfortunate Zeon that fell behind from the group were slaughtered not long after, usually in a very brutal way. During the course of Stardust, Aleksandr destroyed a total of thirteen mobile suits during the battle: five Rick Dom IIs and seven Zaku IIs. About five of these mobile suits were destroyed while fleeing to the Axis fleet, and to this day, Stukov claims more could have followed if his squadron had not been called back from the "hunt", as he refers to it.

After the battle, it was rumored that Stukov filed a complaint to Bask Om about his group being called off from hunting the Zeon, and that if certain elements of the Federation had been doing their jobs properly, not only could Stardust have been prevented, but all Zeon resistance could've been crushed under their heel. Although the fact Stukov made such a report could've been considered egotistical and bold, he felt he was speaking the truth, and he got to at least show his displeasure of how the Federation was being run. Seeing the obvious bloodlust and such a performance during Stardust, Om gave Stukov the oppurtunity to join the taskforce Commodore Jamitov and he were forming. Stukov accepted the proposal, and joined the taskforce that would soon become infamous as the Titans.

Since then, Stukov has been at work hunting down Zeon fragments and other terrorists that managed to come across mobile suits. Although he's a little displeased that most of the major opponents like Anavel Gato died during Stardust, he's been fairly content with squashing little rebellions. But that's not to say he's entirely satisfied with the organization. For example, he's a little put off by how "incompotent" and "useless" some of his fellow Titans are when put into real battles for a change, and not simulators. As well, he feels that the 30 Bunch incident was a rather stupid move, even from his standpoint; he feels that the Titans should have entered the colony and broken up the protest directly, not gas its entire population like the Zeons did. Then again, such a move would just create more resistance and that would mean more prey for Stukov to hunt.

On a personal level, Stukov is a little hard to get along with for "sane" people. Besides himself and select others, he thinks the majority of the Titans are "stupid Earthnoid whelps" that only got into the organization because they all had a supremecy complex. He has no qualms about making these thoughts known to others, even if they're a superior. He's also short tempered and fanatical in his thinking, but has little restraint and will sometimes do irrational things. Rumor is he's unstable due to the proported inbreeding his family's gone through for years, but that remains just a rumor.

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