Amuro Ray

Amuro Ray
Major Non-Player Character
===Military Records===Affiliation: Karaba

Rank: Captain (army)
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Tales from the Frontlines: The AEUG [Ep.7]
Mobile Suit:
RMS-099 Rick Dias [Ep.7 - Ep.8]
Garuda-class Audhumla [Ep.7 - Ep.8]
Battles fought:
===Personal Information===DOB/Age: (UC 0064?) / 23

Height: ~5'10"
Weight: Unknown
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Family mentioned: Father (Tem)
Mother (Kamaria)
===OOC Information===Created: by Yoshiyuki Tomino, 1979

RPed by: various

Background Information

The famous pilot of the original RX-78 Gundam remained in the Federation military after the end of the One Year War, but he was placed under virtual house arrest by a government that considered Newtypes to be dangerous rogue elements. Trapped in his luxury mansion, and deeply scarred by his traumatic wartime experiences, Amuro is initially content to leave the fighting to other people this time. However, his old friends eventually goaded Amuro back into action, and he went on to become the foremost ace of the Karaba resistance group.

In the RPG