Andrewson Trent

Andrewson Trent
Player Character
===Military Records===Affiliation: Titans

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Tales from the Frontlines: The AEUG [Ep.1]
Mobile Suit: N/A
Salamis Kai-class Kalinin, Captain [Ep.1 - Ep.4]
Alexandria-class Kirov, Captain [Ep.4 - current]
Battles fought:
===Personal Information===DOB/Age: (UC 0057?) / 30

Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Family mentioned: None Specifically
===OOC Information===Created: wing zero alpha, 3/9/06

RPed by: wing zero alpha, Cardi Doorl

Background Information

adapted from wing zero alpha's original signup bio:
The rather intelligent and more-than-he-appears-to-be Commander of Taskforce Echo. Unlike most commanders in the Titans from the One Year War, Andrewson Trent did not start out as a warship commander, but rather a convoy leader and former commander of the Columbus-class transport Vesuvius. During the war, it was his job to safely guide convoys to and fro around the earthsphere, mostly runs from Luna II to frontline fleets. For this, he is generally looked down upon by fellow Titan commanders because he neither had a warship nor did he do any "real" fighting besides keeping people supplied. As well, there has been a rumor going around that before Trent joined the military he was involved with some very illegal smuggling around the Earth and that his effectiveness at dodging Zeon patrols during the war was thanks to his experience at evading Federation authorities during these smuggling runs. Of course these are just rumors.

Fact is, Trent knows how to get his way with people. He knows who key people are and what they want in the broad scheme of things, and more importantly he knows how to use this information to manipulate others into doing his bidding. It is said through these skills that he landed his job as skipper of the Vesuvius, and again to get whatever supplies were requested or needed (usually for his own crew). Whether be it food, water, ammunition or mobile suits, he always gets what he wants through one means or another. Thanks to him, the Vesuvius became reknowned for having anything and everything, including being one of the first ships to have a full mobile suit compliment when GMs were just beginning to roll off the assembly line. Although many would interpret Trent to be a greedy and scheming man through all of this, he was just looking for a way for the men under his command to survive the war, even if it meant playing the Federation for all of its worth.

Still, he has seen his fair share of combat. During the later parts of the war, the Vesuvius served as a supply ship for the Tianem Fleet and later was used as a mobile suit carrier for the Battle of Solomon and Operation Star One. After the war, it returned to its role as a humble supply ship and Trent a convoy leader until Operation Stardust rolled around four years later, where it was again turned into a MS carrier. Unfortunately for Trent, the Vesuvius was in the Solar System II's line of fire when Basque Ohm ordered it to fire one last shot in a poor attempt to stop the falling colony. Damaged beyond repair, Trent had his ship towed off the battlefield and all the way back to Konpei Island, where it would be deemed unsalvagable and scrapped.

On the other end, fate seemed to have something else in store for Trent. Among those who have heard of his reputation was then Commodore Jamitov Hymen. Somewhat intrigued by this schemer, the Commodore managed to obtain Trent just as the Titans were being formed, but instead of putting him in another convoy role Jamitov made it clear that he wanted Trent and others along his lines to be warship captains. The reason behind this was unknown, but it seems to be a habit of his. Either way, Trent's next command was the Salamis Kai-class cruiser Kalinin. Although in charge of a warship, he still remains king at acquiring goods and back alley deals, and he has already managed to gain quite a bit in the last couple of years, even gaining command of Taskforce Echo.

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