Ashley Proud

Ashley Proud
Player Character

Military Records

Affiliation: Anti Earth Union Group
Suffix: Doctor
Status: Alive
First Appearance: Tales from the Frontlines: The AEUG [Ep.19]
Salamis Kai-class Balrampur, Civilian fleet Psychologist [Ep.19 - current]

Personal Information

DOB/Age: December 0054 / 32
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: dark blue
Eyes: Hazel
Family mentioned: Godfather
(George "Uncle" Branson)
Husband (Mark)

OOC Information

Created: by Attomoku, 3/7/06
RPed by: Attomoku

Background Information

adapted from Attomoku's original signup bio:
Born and raised on the lunar city of Von Braun. She went to the city’s prestigious university where she enrolled in Med school and specialized in Psychology. During and after the OYW she began treating patients for/with PTSD, Victims of colony collapse and war pilots especially. She published a few reports on some of the victims of the one week battle as well and started to settle down some with her husband of 4 years. Recently she was asked to do a psychological survey of the AEUG and to try and keep the non-militant military from coming apart at the seams by a concerned AEUG backer who was an old friend of the family. She feels that she somewhat owes this man who as been like an uncle to her and reluctantly accepted. She constantly wears a locket with a picture of her husband in it, which was given as a gift before she left.

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